Visa-Free Destinations To Visit

Everyone dreams of travelling from the nation, but any Philippine passport holder would know just how much of a struggle it is to receive a visa. In actuality, this is frequently the reason for excursions not pushing through. Luckily, there is about 61 nations to see with our Philippine passports with no visa! Here is some of our favourite visa-free destinations ideal for your summer holiday.

With numerous visa-free destinations to select from, all you need now are exciting activities to make your stay worthwhile! Read until the end to discover how you can save, off to your favourite activities anywhere in the world!

Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan is just offering visa-free entrance for Philippine passport holders until July 31, 2019, so you better get going!

Any foodie would know the best way to understand a culture is through their meals! Eat your way through Taiwan and see the many night markets in Taipei for mouth watering dishes! The streets of Taipei come alive at night as locals and tourists come together to satisfy their hungry tummies!

The best sights and attractions in Taipei can be addressed within two to three days, so we also suggest doing a fast day trip to Jiufen or Yehliu as well. Contrary to popular belief, it’s in fact rather easy to visit these cities. Just reserve yourself a Jiufen shuttle bus or Yehliu shuttle bus from Ximending (Taipei) and you are ready to go!

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia is one of Asia’s most enchanting destinations. Beyond the gates of this city, tourists will find themselves traveling back in time for a great number of stone buildings come into view. These ancient temples are the lifeblood of tourism in Angkor, and millions of tourists traveling far to bask in all its glory!

Seeing these 12th century ruins is like a rite of passage in Siem Reap. However, that does not mean you ought to skip out on researching what the rest of the town offers. In most recent years, Siem Reap has developed itself into one of Asia’s tourist hotspots! After temple running through Angkor’s best, ride a tuktuk to Pub Street for an wonderful night life experience!

Jeju Island, South Korea
Ever since the Korean wave struck the Philippines, Filipinos have been excited to travel to Seoul, South Korea. However, because of visa restrictions, many have opted to postpone their trips. But little do they know they can really get a glimpse of Seoul from the coastal city of Jeju Island!

Jeju Island is a visa-free destination in South Korea preferred by a lot of Koreans wanting to break away from the town’s busy culture. Though it’s an island, much of Seoul and Busan’s attributes are replicated in Jeju’s city centre! Tourists can certainly get their hands on their preferred K-beauty goods, KPop product, yummy street food and all around authentic Korean culture!

Furthermore, Jeju Island’s coastal location boasts its own charms! Tourists can expect plenty of natural wonders, sea activities, and many UNESCO world heritage sites you may see in South Korea’s largest island.

Bali, Indonesia
If you are fantasizing about the exotic islands of Bali, Indonesia — then you are in luck! Not only are these respectable beaches relatively close, but they are also situated in a visa-free nation!

Although Bali has coined the nickname “Island of the Gods” for its scenic beaches, this island is also blessed with beautiful landscapes and elaborate temples! Take a fast break from the sea and sand and go to the countryside of Ubud to immerse yourself in Balinese culture!

Bali is the best summer heaven for any island lover. If you’re arranging a fast 4D3N visit to the island, below are a few suggestions for your summer getaway!

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Amidst the override of bikes, the town of Ho Chi Minh is pulsating with life and civilization! The streets of Saigon, as it is locally known as, are congested with flavoursome food, bustling markets, and third wave coffee stores. Despite its rapid development, Vietnam’s history and culture still lies in the heart of the city.

Neighbouring trendy restaurants and upscale shopping markets are a few of the nation’s prestigious pagodas and Vietnam War remnants museums. Wander around the streets of Saigon and tourists will notice plenty of French influences from the city’s structures and food, which makes the city truly unmissable!

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Many foreigners consider this to be the number one destination for a quick escape from the nation. It is close enough to still bump into countless Filipinos, but at exactly the exact same time, we get to experience cooler weather and a whole new cultural experience!

Hong Kong is known to provide amazing shopping experiences! Not only is Hong Kong home to a lot of our favourite brands, it also appears to be affordable! And if there is anything Filipinos love, it has imported goods and a fantastic bargain!

March down the roads of Mongkok and Causeway Bay for a shopping experience that will not break the bank. As soon as you’ve drained the streets of Hong Kong, be certain that you have a fill of the delicious dimsum and duck in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant!