About Us

The Hatter is the new home of this website formerly called Hatter Co., as well as long ago called Casino Tour. We’re a resource for gamblers about online gambling and generally online gambling websites. We also offer very detailed guides about the most common casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and online slots, yet we also cover other areas, such as video poker, online bingo, sports betting, online poker, and much more.

The reason The Hatter stands out from the crowd is that we are able to give top-notch deals, promotions, and casino bonuses. We’re ready to do this because over the years we’ve been able to establish professional relationships with some of the most recommended online casino sites, online poker websites, and online sports betting sites.

Gambling Sites Review
All online casinos, poker sites and sports betting sites recommended by The Hatter are picked with enormous care. Our testing team is made up of seasoned players, who constantly undergo a typical routine prior to any online gambling site that is added to our site. Simply spoken, if it has to do with our knowledge a gambling site acts a little bit shady, there is no way on earth we would urge them to you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time when you’ve got a question, comment, or suggestion — about The Hatter, or perhaps a particular online casino listed. We are here to serve you, or help you find answers to your queries, but also love to hear from you how we can improve.

In the event of a dispute, you’re advised to contact us for advice and help also. Through the years we’ve been able to develop good relationships with the majority of the operators supporting online casinos and other gambling sites that could work in your favor to bring a dispute to a favorable outcome.

Never Be A Bad Gambler
Remember: If you can stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Playing casino games, online poker or gambling — whether you’re doing this in a physical casino or on a gambling site — should always be entertaining! Don’t be ashamed if you happen to think you’ve got a gambling issue.